Trident Plastics uses the most advanced cutting equipment available to produce the finest quality cut-to-size plastic parts in the industry. Our cutting equipment is calibrated and inspected daily to insure precision, close-tolerance cuts. Our Schelling FK6 CNC panel saws can cut sheets as thin as .020” and massive plates up to 8.00” thick with tolerances as close as +/-.005”.  Variable speed controls for blade travel and rotation allow for the perfect cut on a huge variety of different materials including the most abrasive glass-reinforced shapes. Our Kaast dual-column horizontal bandsaws cuts massive shapes up to 18”x25”. Custom thickness planing is performed on a 25” Helical Head, digitally controlled planer. Conventional cutting equipment including panel saws, table saws, band saws, drill presses, routers and shapers are also utilized when needed.